Total War WARHAMMER II Warden & The Paunch

Total War WARHAMMER II The Warden And The Paunch-PARADOX


The Warden & the Paunch is the latest Lords Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER II. Introducing two rival Legendary Lords from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, each with their own factions, objectives, mechanics, units and playstyle, for use in both the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns, and custom/multiplayer battles.

Eltharion the Grim commands Yvresse (High Elves) while Grom the Paunch leads the Broken Axe Tribe (Greenskins). Neither Yvresse nor the Broken Axe tribe are involved in the Vortex race, but are pitted against one another as eternal nemeses, on a collision course to a final climactic encounter where only one can emerge the victor.

Total War WARHAMMER II Warden & The Paunch Free Download Skidrow Games

Long has Eltharion the Warden of Tor Yvresse stood sentinel, ever-watchful for signs of Greenskin incursion. While he campaigned overseas against the Druchii of Naggarond in ages past, Tor Yvresse nearly fell as the green tsunami of Grom the Paunch’s legendary Waaagh! roared through Ulthuan. After defeating Grom and scattering his hordes, Eltharion swore that no Orc or Goblin filth would ever set foot in his lands again.

But Grom has other designs. His cavernous belly aches for a rematch, and his hunger for vengeance is matched only by his titanic appetite. As his gobbos tend to the bubbling cauldron, delighting him with each tasty new morsel, his plans begin to set. He’ll gather them all, the bosses and the boys, wind them up to a fever pitch, and lead them on a Waaagh! the likes of which the world has never seen. This time, Tor Yvresse will fall, and its snooty Warden will kneel before the mighty Paunch!

Total War WARHAMMER II Warden & The Paunch Free Download Skidrow Games

High Elves – Eltharion the Grim (Yvresse)

Unique faction mechanics:

Athel Tamarha

In a secluded Yvresse mountainside lies Athel Tamarha, Eltharion’s base of operations. It lies in ruins, untouched since Grom’s previous Waaagh!, but Eltharion seeks to rebuild it in Tor Yvresse’s defence.
In Eltharion’s campaign, Athel Tamarha is represented by a new panel where the player rebuilds structures to gain numerous unique benefits. In addition, Eltharion can use his unique Warden’s Cage ability against enemy Heroes and Lords in battle. Should they fall while under its influence, they will be imprisoned in Athel Tamarha for interrogation…

Athel Tamarha has a number of structures across two unique chains which can be rebuilt. Each enhances Tor Yvresse’s defence rating and grants the following:

  • The Silent Sentinels chain can increase Tor Yvresse’s defence rating and enable the recruitment and upgrading of elite Mistwalker units, plus increasing recruitment capacities for several unique elite unit types available to Eltharion.
  • The Watchers of Yvresse chain enable the interrogation of captured Heroes and Lords, improvements to the Mist of Yvresse, and bonuses to Eltharion’s Influence.
  • Through the questioning, vanquishing and indoctrination of captives, Eltharion can gain useful information and other benefits.

Mist of Yvresse
Tor Yvresse will become progressively shrouded by an enchanted mist, enhancing all of Eltharion’s troops and disrupting enemies caught within it.

  • Provides the unique Army Ability ‘Envelop in Mist’ which enhances your troops’ performance when fighting within its influence
  • Athel Tamarha upgrades grant additional effects as the Mist become stronger.
  • Increasing the strength of the Mist of Yvresse will eventually cause it to cover all of Ulthuan as a protective aid.

Defence of Yvresse
Eltharion will gradually build up defensive power at Tor Yvresse, as Eltharion’s homeland becomes increasingly fortified against invasion.

  • At the campaign outset, the city of Tor Yvresse will begin in a damaged state until upgrades are completed, progressing the city into rebuilt then fortified states. This is reflected in any battles fought over Tor Yvresse, affording increasingly stronger defensive abilities and options for Eltharion.
  • The Yvresse defence level also expands the Mist of Yvresse to cover further regions of Ulthuan, enhancing Eltharion’s forces and weakening interlopers.

Title: Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Warden & The Paunch
Genre: Action, Strategy
Publisher: SEGA
Release Date: 21 May, 2020

Release Name : Total War WARHAMMER II The Warden And The Paunch-PARADOX
Size : 49.90 GB






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